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Stars and traditions for control yourself and your destiny in order to improve continuously the quality of your life.



If you are concerned or interested by the continuous improvement of the quality of your life (***) , astrology, operated in conjunction with other tools such as extra perception - sensory, cartomancy, signature analysis and "Phong Thuy" (****) from a branch of Buddhist knowledge in vietnamese tradition, can provide you an additional benefit to the success of your approach,  especially when you have plans or decisions with long-term effects (10, 20 ou 30 years).


 (***): All over our website, "a person's  life's quality" is used in the following sense: it is a life based on his past, the occurrence of undesirable events is less frequent as possible. If despite everything, it occurs, the person concerned would be informed in advance so they can prepare themselves in the best conditions to face or overcome or circumvent in actuals cases.


(****) "Phong Thuy" is better known in Europe under hit name in Chinese "Feng Shui" which is the  multi-millennial  art of how to design living space or work tailored for an individual user clearly identified based on expected goals which are fixed in advance by the user. It works so well that it often leads us to think it's "magic"!

As for the effectiveness of such an operation, the practice "to see" would be the most reliable easiest way and the fastest way to realize.



Similarly, we can quote the case of acupuncture, as an example, which is :

  • put into practice by anesthetists for surgical operations of Western modern medicine without waiting for answers to questions about why does it works, which are still part of the subjects of scientific research ;

  • simply a particularly effective physical therapy without the use of chemicals other than disinfectants on the skin and especially no magic trick as argued in the first Western contact discovery of this purely physical therapy.

Anyway, we wish you good luck in discovering our Introduction to Astrology as well as some basic principles that are necessary for optimal use, rational and controlled this whole set of tools to build your future with independence and freedom.
The independence and freedom of thought are now almost universally recognized as essential conditions to the flourishing of creative and fertile thought. They are particularly popular in many trades such as:
  •      art creators (writer, sculptor, songwriter or music composer);
  •      system or any useful object designers engineers
  •      researchers of all kinds, scientifics or not.






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